Maison Martin Morel, since 1896


From 1896 onwards, Mr. Martin Morel and his sons actively participated in and sparked the fashion trends of the 20th century from their textile nishing mill on the outskirts of Lyon by creating extraordinary printed fabrics.

Emmanuel Foyatier, a sixth-generation descedant of the family, is dedicated to bringing this French heritage back to life with an audacious air: Maison Martin Morel vintage prints are reshaped to create a true visual and imaginative Art de Vivre. Prints become a pathway between the past and present. The adventure can begin.

For Martin Morel’s second home collection, art deco archives meet contemporary and exotic arrangements. The collection puts the spotlight on emotion conveyed by travels through time and a fantasy voyage to faraway lands.

Walls transform into a canvas for daydreams, where our desires live in full color. We designed a world that blends blue and green hues, where reds oscillate between purple and burgundy. It is a world where shades of grey speak the language of dreamlike clouds, a world that comes to life with touches of yellow, pink, and warm orange... In our universe, Lotus flowers and M flowers brush against Indian elephants in Japanese landscapes. Larks hide amongst the reeds and feathers spring up into view.Welcome to our world, we hope you will feel right at home!